Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up Podcast

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

How to make integrity profitable, leaders elevated, collaborators productive, happiness sustainable, and society healthy.

Feb 03, 2020

Episode 4: The Battle for Your Brain: How to Reclaim Your Free Will in the Age of Mindjacking

In the 2020s, Propaganda-Proofing yourself has unfortunately become an essential self-development skill for citizens, influencers, and leaders. As you discovered in Episode 3 of this podcast, this starts with aligning yourself with FREEsponsibility and the Five Great Truths of Thriving Societies. Episode 4 buil...

Jan 25, 2020

Episode 3: Five Great Truths of Thriving Societies

In this episode, you'll Wake Up to 3 Big Lies that are destroying society and governance, you'll Wise Up to 5 Great Truths that are the guiding principles that can repair society and politics, and you'll Step Up into FREEsponsibility — a post-partisan common-sense framework that integrates personal freedom & ...

Jan 14, 2020

Episode 2: Self-Development Mastery in the 2020s Decade

In this second episode of the "Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up" Podcast, Dr. Gruder challenges the status quo of the human potential movement. We need to radically revision self-development in the 2020s decade so we’re better equipped to rise above the societal and political craziness, and become more fully authen...

Jan 01, 2020

Episode 1: The Grand Launch

This premiere episode of Dr. Gruder's "Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up" Podcast is on how society got off track and how we can get back on track during the 2020s decade. This podcast is for passionately committed citizens, leaders, changemakers, executives, entrepreneurs, and helping professionals, who are dedicated ...